Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spend Time in Ganga Bank Resort near Rishikesh

Aalia resorts near rishikesh
Resorts near Rishikesh

Nothing can be blissful more than visiting Haridwar and Rishikesh during spring, fall, and winter seasons, when the water level stays very high in the holy Ganga River. Though there are many resorts situated in Rishikesh, staying in a resort on the bank of the river has its own charm. Many nature lovers purposely select the hotels located close to the river to make the most out of their holidays. There are many luxury resorts close to Rishikesh, which are beautifully perched on the land close to the river. If you have the desire to spend a holiday in such an exotic place, then you can easily find a resort of your choice in Rishikesh to spend a delightful week. Aalia, a popular luxury resort near Rishikesh, is sprawling beautifully across the river bank offering exotic backdrop to spend a peaceful holiday.

It possesses all the features and amenities that are important to provide extremely comfortable and lavish stay to the national and international tourists. Amongst all the hotels, Aalia enjoys special attention of tourists owing to its enchanting surroundings and irresistible luxury. Every part and corner of the resort exudes immense sumptuousness and elegance. From hotel food, bar, room, lobby, and holiday package – everything is so up to the minute and exotic. The resort gets you the access of maximum tourist spots near Rishikesh like Har ki Pauri, Rajaji National Park, and Lakshman Jhula. While staying in the resort, you can enjoy fresh air during spending time on the balcony or trying yoga in the health club. It is a perfect resort near Rishikesh to rejuvenate all the senses with resistless river views and invigorating opulence.

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